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The following letters are from FAB clients.  In the words of FAB Team leader, George Haddad, "it’s just another day’s work … satisfying the collector with a dream come true."   Fabulous Restorations is a trusted organization in the business of collector car restoration and one of the best on the planet. Their respectability speaks loudly. Their work is impeccable and they strive for perfection. It is difficult to always believe everything you read, but you can trust this company will serve the perfection you demand and in turn, you'll write about the Fabulous experience.

Dr. Bob Hagadorn, owner of Southport Animal Hospital
A Fabulous FACEBOOK Posting, October 21, 2018

I'm in the middle of a complete restoration on my 1969 Camaro Z28.  George and the crew at Fabulous Restorations are the utmost professionals.  George has taken the time to explain the entire process to me as we proceed and Mike does the same on the mechanical part of the build.
George's wife, Adele and daughters keep the office running smoothly.  I actually look forward to seeing them when it's payment time. Wonderful experience!

A Letter from Mr. Charles Cox:
I recently purchased a 1969 Corvette convertible, a dream car for me that had been sitting for a couple years and needed a few things done before it was ready for the road. I bought the car in South Florida where I live and wanted to find a local shop that specializes in Corvettes.
I asked around, searched the internet and visited a few shops that specialize in antique car restoration and Corvettes. When I first talked with George Haddad at Fabulous Restorations I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, especially regarding my 1969.

I set up an appointment with George and he looked my car over, told me what it needed and gave me a quote that was reasonable. I toured the shop and saw quality at Fabulous Restorations. The attention to detail was “top notch” as they stand behind their work. I knew right away after visiting several other shops in the area, that Fabulous was what I wanted.

Over the next few months I got know George, his family and his staff. I found them honest, professional, knowledgeable and they went out of their way to answer any questions I had. The more time I spent at the shop monitoring the progress being made on my car, the more I came to trust Fabulous Restorations and knew I made the right choice.

If you’re considering a vehicle restoration or just want advice on a classic car purchase, I highly recommend contacting George Haddad at Fabulous Restorations in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I know in the future I’ll be letting George and Fabulous Restorations handle all my restoration needs.
Thanks George and Fabulous for bringing my 69 Stingray back so that I can enjoy it for many years to come!!

Sent: Thu, Jan 10, 2013 2:00 PM
To: Craig Zinn
Subject: George Haddad
 Hope alls well with you. I understand you are going over to see George Haddad at Fabulous restorations. I have been friends with him for 25 years or more.
He restored a 65 Vette, body off, for me in 1990. He did some work on a 67 tri-power coupe I owned, and a 66 conv. He is currently working on  3, C6 Vettes for my father, who's 87 by the way :), modifying the bodies, interior and installing superchargers. The first car will be ready to show at NCRS in Kissimmee later this month.
George has been working on my dad's Bentley and Mercedes for years. He is an honest, straight forward guy with zero BS. He's like a 4th son to my father and George treats my dad like his own. Every time I'm in town I visit his shop, always astonished at the attention to detail and the quality of his work.
George and I have talked about you over the years. How I was blown away by your collection of cars. George said you were going to stop by his shop and I felt I had to tell you about his work. I promise ... he will deliver. His work is amazing. Give him a chance and he will prove it.
...BTW he's not paying me for this reference. LOL!  He's just a nice straight guy.
 Joseph Paperman

March 2013
I have been an avid car enthusiast all of my life.  Growing up with a car crazy Father and an Uncle who restored everything from a 1903 curved dash Oldsmobile to a 1927 Pierce Arrow model 80 and taught me more than most would want to know about cars.  Although I love all cars, I always dreamed that one day I would own the car on the poster that hung on my bedroom wall growing up.  In 2010, I realized my dream by acquiring not only one but two Chevrolet Corvette’s.   I purchased a 2007 Corvette and shortly after was lucky enough to come across a 1979 hidden in a garage with extremely low miles that needed a lot of work.   A fellow Corvette owner told me about Fabulous Restorations and I brought the car in to show George.  I was immediately impressed with his depth of knowledge and most importantly his passion for these cars.  After our long talk, I had tremendous confidence that George would maintain the originality of my car and do exactly what I wanted.  I knew he was the right person to handle the restoration on my dream car.
I left the car with George and after several conversations decided to have the car brought back to better than showroom condition.  During the extensive restoration George not only kept me updated, but encouraged me to come visit the shop often so he could show me the progress first hand and make me a part of the restoration process.  During that time, I learned that George has a team of amazing craftsmen and working on these cars is truly an art form to them.   The end result of their work is one of the nicest C3’s I have ever seen and is now a car that can not only be driven anywhere for many years to come, but also gets noticed everywhere it goes. 
I am a perfectionist when it comes to my cars like many car enthusiasts out there, however you can be assured that George and his team have those same standards and will treat your car like it was their own.  After dealing with George for several years, I would not trust anyone else with my car and would highly recommend Fabulous Restorations to anyone wishing to drive their dream. 
Sincerely, Greg Sinclair 

April 2010
Dear George:
I wanted to thank you for the fine work you did on my 1967 Indy Pace Car. Most who know me consider me to be a very knowledgeable classic-car preservationist.  Therefore – as you discovered – I am extremely particular about preserving the originality of my collector cars.  As such, you continued to work my repair until I was completely satisfied and all was perfect. For this very reason, I will not allow any other body shop to work on my classic Chevrolets.
Pacecar Jeff Ashen

November 22, 2009
To Whom It May Concern:
I have been doing business with Fabulous Restoration since February 2007. At that time I had purchased a 1982 C3 Corvette. They had been referred to me by Mike @ Art's Corvette. He didn't steer me wrong.
In my nearly 3 years with George and his staff they have dealt with all aspects of mechanical, electrical, body and paint work with nothing but the highest quality of workmanship, attitude and professionalism.

I would recommend Fabulous Restoration to anyone who wants too deal with a company who takes pride in the work they perform.
Thank You, 0llie Davison

November 29, 2009
I have been a collector car enthusiast for over 35 years, starting with old Corvettes when I was too young to drive. Since then, I have owned over 50 collector/classic cars and have been involved in the restoration of many of them.

When I met George Haddad, from Fabulous Restorations in Fort Lauderdale, I immediately felt that he was more than just a businessman, but a genuine car enthusiast that turned his love of automobiles into his vocation.

I was comfortable enough with George to entrust to him the restoration of my 1964 Corvette, 1956 Thunderbird and 1966 El Camino.

Throughout the process, George kept me informed and updated. I really felt like I was part of the process, not just a customer that dropped of some cars and picked them up when they were done.

The results were simply outstanding and I have had many people remark as to the quality of the work and question as to where the restoration work was done.

All in all the experience was positive, the price was reasonable and the results were FABULOUS.

Bobby Epstein
Proprietor; Scuba Bimini Dive Resort. Bimini, Bahamas