Fabulous Corvettes

Fabulous Corvettes

Fabulous Restorations
5219 NW 35th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale,
Florida  33309

A National Corvette
Restorer Society Member
NCRS #'s 2945 & 45705



Many familiar faces returned for the 33rd Annual Florida Chapter NCRS Regional Meet at Old Town on January 26-29th, 2011 in Kissimmee, Florida.

Moderate temperatures and the cloudless sky dried up the grounds of the Swap Meet area for many vendors and spectators alike to enjoy FABulous finds among the antiquated parts from numerous historical beauties.  It was an absolute necessity to traverse the stands to see what spectacular treasures were tucked away for several decades, only to be discovered for a time such as this!

If it were not enough to locate that rare item for bargain, one could certainly entertain themselves by feasting their eyes on the magnificent display of Corvettes that have long-awaited this day to be judged by NCRS in the hopes of receiving a Top Flight Award for authenticity in restoration.

As one can depend on, Fabulous Restorations was there with their prize show cars to receive the worthy draw of attention to the work performed on Ovie Herrera’s 1969 COPO ZL1 Camaro Recreation and Jim Davis’ 1957 Corvette Roadster.

Finally, it must be said that for the past 4 years now, a NCRS Meet would not be complete without a multitude of conversation honoring Kenneth Edmonds; NCRS Judge, passionate Corvette restorer & Fabulous Restorations long-time partner.  His legacy, indeed, lives on!