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Fabulous Corvettes

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Nationally renowned Beatles Radio show host, Joe Johnson of "The Brunch," discovered George Haddad's Fabulous Restorations in Hollywood, Florida. The year was 1989.  Joe's Camaro, a 1969 Indy Pace Car, needed a little TLC. Over the years it endured many classic car shows and fun times on the street. Joe J says it looks as nice as the day it first left the shop. A make-over that remains in Fabulous condition today!

Vette Gets TLC Fabulous Restorations Style

This one-owner, stock 350 cubic inch 1979 Vette is in for a little restoration and TLC.  New paint, engine overhaul and detailing will put some excitement back in the hands of its owner who wants to rely on the car as an everyday driver.  He feels it is warranted confirmed by its original 18,000 miles. Fabulous Restorations says, "More power to him and no less than 100% performance to go in confidence.”  That's a FABulous promise. Doesn't your classic car deserve an upgrade?  In today's economy it's a wise assertion that such an investment will pay off tomorrow.  Call Fabulous Restorations for your classic car consultation and evaluation.

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What Is A Fabulous Restoration?
It is the reconditioning of an entire unique vehicle from front to back whereby every component is restored, replaced, customized and/or reconditioned; aesthetically, functionally and authentically.  

For openers, estimated restoration costs are consistently proven inaccurate and misleading.  We advise our clients to observe the Time and Materials Principle.  We determine the extent of restoration and the best means to achieve our goals.  Locating original parts will mark the primary launch of time spent on the vehicle.  Some parts may be unobtainable and require fabrication.  Methods of assembly may require various degrees of research ... all of which adds time to the project.  Each vehicle is systematically disassembled and reassembled.  This process takes an unknown amount of time; accuracy and precision demands time.  However, we document pristine shop records for each project and this information is duly shared with the client. 

Our purpose is to fully restore the vehicle to original condition and/or as close as possible to the time it once left the factory.  Vehicle customizing is often more complicated involving design, re-design, fabrication and modifications necessary for proper installation all of which adds time to the vehicle's shop record.  Therefore, one can easily see why all restoration charges are based on time and materials.  Estimations are, at best, anyone's guess.

Fabulous Restorations urges its clients to clearly understand the situation of vehicle restoration, reconditioning and customizing. Our work follows NCRS criteria for authenticity and correctness. It is this reason we call ourselves, Fabulous Restorations; you wouldn't want an almost fabulous restoration of your pride and joy ... would you?  

Shop Shots

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Check'em out as they rotate.  All 13,500 square feet - "Fabulous Restorations Universe".  Entitlements include clean, organized and impressive space attended by skilled technicians who bear a healthy helping of dedication to classic car refurbishing.  Able control at the helm of your special project is never out of sight and our crew provides impeccable, stellar performance of every exploration ... GUARANTEED - We "Make It So"! 
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